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Bhavishyaa Vignesh

Middle School (Ontario)

TEDx: Breaking barriers: Empowering girls in STEM for a future of innovation

Did you know that only 28% of the world’s researchers are women, according to UNESCO? But it’s not just about numbers; it reveals a shocking truth about the gender gap. How do we fix that? The only magic spell is: Girls in STEM. They bring fresh perspectives, problem-solving skills, and a whole different vibe to the table.

Historically, STEM’s been a bit of a boy’s club. We’re talking about fewer women diving into Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math. But here’s the real talk – that’s holding us back. We’re not just limiting our workforce; we’re putting a cap on innovation. We have to talk about leveling the playing field, unlocking the full spectrum of talent, and paving the way for a future that’s all about inclusivity and equality.mNow, let’s chat about why some girls are losing interest in STEM. Society is throwing some outdated stereotypes their way, role models are in short supply, and sometimes schools make them feel like their smarts aren’t valued. But we can flip the script. This isn’t just about checking a box for gender equality; it’s about unlocking the full potential of the STEM world for everyone’s benefit.

Bhavishyaa’s upcoming TEDx gig is all about getting real about why we need more girls in STEM. She’s gonna dive into the whole gender gap thing, spill the tea on how to boost girls in STEM and share some real-life stories about what’s holding them back. Bhavishyaa’s on a mission to break down the reasons behind the gaps, give us the lowdown on how to amp up girls in STEM, and share some stories that’ll make you go, «Oh, I get it now!»

Get ready for a laid-back TEDx that’s all about spreading awareness.